And the award for Best Film goes to…

Freedom Fields at Joburg Film Festival 2018.

*2 minute read*

We are overjoyed to announce that, along with Soudade Kaadan's The Day I lost My Shadow... Freedom Fields has won the award for Best Film at Joburg Film Festival!

Naziha is delighted to share this prize with Soudade, a fellow female filmmaker from the MENA Region. Check out the jury’s comments from Nadia El Fani, Pervaiz Khan and Sara Blecher about the decision:

"We decided that we had to split the prize... What [the two films] have in common is that they immerse us into worlds that most people have very little knowledge or experience of. The two prize winning films demonstrate that although filmmaking is not becoming any easier, filmmakers continue to make cinema that can be powerful, informative and inspiring."

In just its second edition, Joburg Film Festival is a young festival with a programme of incredible award-winning films. Founded by Pedro Pimenta (previous director of Durban International Film Festival) in 2016, the festival is quickly establishing itself as a global player with a slate to attract filmgoers from all over Africa.