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Today the protagonists of FREEDOM FIELDS are using their skills and the power of football to empower youth in Libya. Together in 2016, the women founded HERA, a young NGO based in the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi.

HERA’s goal is to develop and support young women, girls and youth in the community by using sport as an active learning tool around issues of social cohesion, health and reconciliation. Ultimately, HERA wants to shift how physical education is seen and conducted in Libya for adolescents.

In hostile environments, and especially war zones, safety, food, water and shelter are essential. However so too is play and education, having a great effect on both the physical and psychological impact for a child. Unfortunately, in Libya, many schools don’t utilise allocated sports sessions for girls.

Through their ‘Sports For All’ program, HERA is delivering workshops in Libyan schools and Girl Guides programs, breaking down cultural barriers and uniting youth through football. As can be seen in FREEDOM FIELDS, the spirit of the team can really be a great healer.

‘Sports for All’ focuses on using sports and games to develop a set of life skills that prepare adolescents for participation in society. These are self-awareness and assertiveness; communication and negotiation skills; appreciation of difference and respect; commitment to balancing personal liberties with social responsibility to others; sense of belonging to a group or polity; and desire for community involvement.

If you would like to support HERA, their Global Giving donation page has just gone live, thanks to the support of Women Win. Your donation will help HERA grow to create sustainable workshops that equip adolescent girls and boys with a set of life skills that empowers them to exercise their rights.

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