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Back in Libya the protagonists of Freedom Fields are having quite an impact. Originally their dream was to play football for their country. However, through the power of sport, these accidental activists are now striving for a bigger goal; to change their society for young girls, women and youth, on and off the pitch.

In incredibly hostile environments, especially war zones, safety, food, water and shelter are essential. However so too is play and education, having a great impact, both physical and psychological, for a child. The spirit of team and the empowering effects of sport can become a great healer but also shape who we become as adults, and thus impact society and the next generation.

With this in mind, the women, coming from different backgrounds and tribes, united to form HERA in 2016. HERA is a young NGO in Libya, using sport as a tool for reconciliation, trauma relief, healing and empowerment.

They have just finished a series of projects in schools, IDP (Internally Displaced Person) refugee camps and orphanages, to great success. Many young girls in Libya do not have access to physical education in schools and the transformations have been incredibly heartening. They are also working to create a safe sports space where young girls can exercise their freedom (and exercise!) in safety; a huge goal for HERA this year. However, to continue to expand their work across more schools, camps and regions they need your help. They need funding.

If you are able to donate, 100% of your donation will go straight towards their work. You can support at various levels, from simply purchasing a football, funding training and workshops, right up to helping acquire the safe space for girls and women to train without fear.

You can do this, by making a one off donation on the Global Giving page. However one of the best ways to donate to HERA is making a monthly donation, as Global Giving will match that amount 100% - so you’ll have double the impact. Whichever way you choose to support, anything you can give will help.

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